Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'd Tell Ya, But I'd Have Tequila

As we all approach the "spring break" time of year, the sun comes out, the temperature soars, and sometimes the day isn't complete without some salt, a lime, and a well-known Mexican concoction. You love it, hate it, get peer pressured into it... It's unavoidable, it's coming, welcome to the world of tequila. 

The Casino Del Sol makes sure not to stray way from this philosophy, housing it's own Mexican restaurant, The Tequila Factory. With three shelves full of over 100 different tequilas, the Tequila Factory attracts everyone from the average customer with a thirst for Patron Silver , to the obscure individual hunting for a rare taste of imported liquid gold. 

The restaurant's shelf stocks everything from cheap Jose Cuervo to a bottle of Gran Patron, which charges high rollers $60 dollars a shot (1.5 ounces)... You might want to sip on that one... 
Unusual bottles of Asombrosoand Oro Azul tequilas come in unique shapes and artistic designs. A variety of the liquor is bottled in the form of worms, ovals, and other visually appealing shapes that appear more as decorative pieces than containers. The shelf also includesMonte Alban mezcal, which includes the infamous worm floating at the bottom of the bottle. Apparently, ingesting the worm can cause hallucinations, and if you're brave enough to test out the rumors, the customer who orders the last shot gets the worm at the Tequila Factory. 

Tony Davis, the manager of the Tequila Factory, imports the rare bottles from distributors and other suppliers, offering a wide selection of tequila in an environment surrounded with customers in need of creatively drowning sorrows and celebrating earnings. 
Of course, the Tequila Factory's shelves of liquor are connected to a colorful Mexican restaurant. The menu consists of everything from everyday fish tacos to a $9.95 prime rib dinner on Tuesdays, and an $8.95 all-you-can-eat Fiesta Bar. A Sunday brunch consists of seafood and desserts, and margaritas are priced down during happy hour from 4 - 8p.m.
The restaurant is most popular on Fridays and Saturdays, but depending on the casino's events, you might want to make reservations. "Before and after concerts, there's a line out the door," said Felizcita Alvarez, the Tequila Factory supervisor. 

And for the gamblers who wear their hearts on their sleeves out there, "Valentines Day was full because we had a buffet and special items," said Alvarez. But incase the old lady doesn't appreciate a Mexican buffet at a casino on the year's most romantic night, don't forget there's something to help with the V-Day loneliness... Three whole shelves of it. 

If anyone would like to see some of my classmates showing how it's done, and giving some other great tequila information, please check out their Tequila Tour 2009 Pretty awesome!!  

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