Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Sweetest Suite...

You're hitting on everything and nothing's over 21. Only the right cards are being dealt, the dice rolls in your favor, and the slots are matching up perfectly. Lady Luck has become your inseparable mistress. Simultaneously, the drinks have been pouring, dawn is approaching, and rapid eye movement isn't helping your earnings... So, what does a good gambler have to do to get a decent night's (day's) sleep around here!? 
With 148 rooms at an average rate of $150 to $175 dollars a night, the Desert Diamond Casino's hotel located at 7350 S Nogales Hwy, caters to anyone in search of catching some slumber to the lullaby of chiming slot machines. 

"It's our busiest season right now," said Celina Acevedo, the hotel's front desk supervisor. From Feb. through April, Tucson is home to the Tucson Gem Show, MLB Spring Training for the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks, as well as the Tucson Rodeo.

"Some of the rodeo committee stays here," said Acevedo. The hotel has hosted members of the rodeo committee for the past two years, and offers special $95 dollar a night rates for committee members. 

Depending on the performance of gamblers, the casino's Desert Diamond Club will track the performances and offer free rooms to VIP guests. 

"It just depends on the player," said Acevedo. "I'll get a phone call from the Diamond Club and they'll let me know what kind of room I need to give them." It ranges from standard rooms, to executive suites. 
"The only people that really stay in the executive suites are performers," said Acevedo. At $1,500 a night, executive suites come with separate bathtubs and showers, rainfall shower heads, 32'' flat panel HDTV's, and premium linens. 

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